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Routed and Dedicated Courier Delivery Services in Wichita and Kansas

Ongoing and consistent shipping requirements can best be served by a Dedicated Route. With scheduled deliveries you always know what’s coming and going, where, and when, so you can manage your business more efficiently and productively.

Metro Courier runs both Wichita and statewide Dedicated Routes every day . If you feel your courier and delivery needs could benefit from your own Dedicated Route, just give us a call at 316-522-8008, or Contact Us with some basic information, and we’ll call you faster than you can say “Metro Man!”



Local Freight Companies

Route 450 begins to take shape hours before departure. Our Routed and Dedicated services are perfect for consistent and ongoing delivery of the parts and packages you need to keep your business moving without stoppage or delay.

Route Dispatcher

Route Dispatcher Patrick Conner checks the status of a daily Dedicated Route to an automobile manufacturer in Oklahoma City.

We're ready to dedicate ourselves to your route

Call us at 316-522-8008 and we can discuss the specific requirements of your business, and develop a custom route that synchs with your schedule. Or, send us an email with a little information, and we’ll contact you right away. In fact, we do everything “right away,” because we’re different.

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